Supervision and Control

Supervision and control systems are responsible for controlling processes and standardizing water and sewage treatment operations. The supervision and control stations receive the information from the sensors, local and remote, and are processed through programmable logic controllers and managed by the supervisory systems to make the maintenance decision or change the treatment parameters. Subsequently, commands are sent for the necessary adjustments to the treatment processes.

GEL, throughout its history, has specialized in project development and implementation of supervision and control systems. In the development and implementation of the projects, the most diverse measurement and control instruments were used for the automation of large systems, of which we highlight the integration of the water and sewage systems of Curitiba and the metropolitan region, the coast of Paraná and the Federal District, covering the city of Brasília and surroundings.

Latest Works

COPASA – ETA Morro Redondo

Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais / Brazil

SANEPAR – Paranasan Litoral GAF

Guaratuba, Matinhos, Guaraqueçaba, Pontal do Paraná and Morretes / Paraná / Brazil

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