In Sorocaba, the “Mayor in the Neighborhood” program visits ETA Vitória Régia for the first time

Soon after the delivery of the 14 new articulated buses to the city on the afternoon of Wednesday (11), Mayor José Crespo started the new program of his management: the “Mayor in the Neighborhood”. The first trip of the Prefeito neighborhood bus was an iconic infrastructure for the whole city: the station that will allow the population to drink water from the Sorocaba River two years from now. This is the Water Treatment Station (ETA) under construction in the Vitória Régia neighborhood.

On board a bus specially equipped by Consor and Stu, at no cost to the public coffers, with office, air conditioning and computer terminals, the mayor will carry out an agenda of visits to the districts of the city, accompanied by some secretaries, to listen to the residents, write down their demands and refer them to the responsible areas.

“One of the great characteristics of our management is being closer to people, listening to them, understanding their demands and facilitating their resolution. That’s why this bus is such an important achievement because it brings us closer to each citizen and his needs, “explains the mayor. The bus has two drivers trained in driving and preserving vehicles.

Population is less dependent on San Francisco adductors

In a further two years, in addition to drinking treated water from the Sorocaba River, the population will be less dependent on the landfills of the Serra de São Francisco. The construction of ETA Vitória Régia continues to accelerate and is currently with 15% of the works completed.

It will provide 750 liters per second of treated water of excellent quality for the consumption of sorocabanos. With the expansion already planned, it will reach 1,500 liters per second. This volume corresponds to 60% of all the water served today for the population, treated in ETA Cerrado and ETA Eden.

“Drink water from the Sorocaba river. This is an equipment that will be very proud of any sorocabano. And for us, from Saae-Sorocaba, it is an honor to the presence of the mayor and our fellow municipal secretaries, all here, to know the greatness of this work “, emphasized the general director of Saae-Sorocaba, Ronald Pereira da Silva.

With an investment of almost R $ 78 million, ETA Vitória Régia is being equipped with state-of-the-art sanitation technology: ozone-based treatment, which guarantees the best final quality for drinking water.

More numbers of the imposing work

ETA Vitória Régia occupies an area of 166 thousand square meters. There are almost 200 workers working on the installation of an infrastructure consisting of 800 tons of steel, 8,000 cubic meters of concrete, and whose works require the movement of 88,000 meters of land between landfill and landfill.

The raw water collected from the Sorocaba River will run through a steel pipe 900 mm in diameter and three kilometers in length. Another 500-millimeter-wide 1.2-kilometer network will be ready for future expansions. This network will cover safe ground, free of risks in the Serra de São Francisco.

The entire city will benefit from ETA Vitória Régia, since the distribution system it will feed will be connected to the existing infrastructure, working in an integrated way and also distributing the resource to the regions of the city that are now supplied with water from the dams of Clemente (Itupararanga) and Ipaneminha, treated by ETA Cerrado and Ferraz dam, treated in ETA Eden.

All the works are being carried out by the company Gel Engenharia. The works began in October of last year, with the earthwork of its 166 thousand square meters of area, on Avenida Antônio Saladino. About three kilometers away, on the bank of the Sorocaba River, at this very moment the earthworks are made at the point where the structure will be installed for the withdrawal (capture) of the water to be treated in the ETA. By means of bombs it will be transported by the buried pipeline and in safe area, to ETA Vitória Régia.

Journalists Leandro Nogueira (Saae-Sorocaba) and André Gomes (Secom City Hall)


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