A new GEL. A new way to communicate.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Manalais, a full-service boutique marketing company that has strong experience in the engineering and infrastructure segment. We will add our efforts with the Manalais team in order to strengthen the Gel brand within the segments in which we operate.

Gel is a company in full transformation! Every day we evolve more our management capacity, in the processes and now it is time for our communication to drive the changes in progress. We want to make our brand even more present in the daily lives of our employees, customers, partners and potential customers. And in this sense, we will adopt a bolder and more comprehensive communication strategy that will involve content on social networks, email marketing actions, engagement of publishers in media in the engineering and business segment, as well as a digital advertising campaign. A new chapter in the history of Gel and Manalais has just begun! Stay tuned!” There’s a lot of good stuff coming!

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