Canudos Wind Farm: project and execution of Goetze Lobato Engenharia.

GEL was responsible for the civil works of the Canudos Wind Farm, which is located in the interior of Bahia, more precisely between the municipalities of Canudos, Jeremoabo and Euclides da Cunha.

The region was chosen for the implementation of the wind farm due to its privileged location and its excellent wind conditions, being 250 km from Aracaju and 405 km from the state capital, Salvador.

Canudos Wind Farm was the first project in Brazil to use precast arms without prestressing. The complex has 99.4 MW of installed capacity, enough to supply more than 250,000 people and, in addition to contributing to the Brazilian energy matrix, the construction of the park directly contributed to the generation of jobs and development of the local economy.

Environmental conservation programs were also carried out. Such as actions to preserve the natural habitat of Arara-Azul-de-Lear, planting numerous Licuris palm trees far from the perimeter of the wind turbines, ensuring the safety of the birds that will shelter in these trees, since in the municipality it is possible to find the only remaining population of the bird in the world.

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