Director of GEL Engenharia tells the details about the challenges and victories achieved over 30 years of company.

Iusra Jabbar, GEL’s Legal, Administrative and Institutional Director, is an executive with a lot of history to tell. For 30 years at Gel, Iusra knows the company like few others. Its strong leadership capacity, dynamism and objectivity in conducting the areas under its management, make all the difference to GEL’s success.

Undaunted, Iusra did not think twice about leaving her state and accepting the invitation of GEL’s founders to come to Curitiba and be part of the company’s history.

“I was born in a small town in Rio Grande do Sul called Cacequi and there I had a happy childhood, of children growing up in the countryside. I studied at the Marechal Hermes da Fonseca School Group and at the Nossa Senhora das Graças School. The second grade I did in São Sepé, also in RS. To this day I keep great friends and friends from that time, ”says Iusra.

The executive has a degree in Law, but her first degree was in Business Administration, completed in Porto Alegre (RS). There he worked for two years in a construction company. In 1989, she met the then young people, but already directors of a large company in Paraná, engineers Paulo Goetze and Carlos Lobato, who invited her to work in Curitiba.

“At this time Paulo told me about GEL and that, with Lobato, he would be reviving the company, a dream that was born, amazing, in Cacequi (RS), when still trainees participated in the execution of the structural reinforcement and recovery works of the largest metal bridge in Latin America for RFFSA. At the time, Paulo invited me to work at GEL, in Curitiba and I didn’t think twice, I embarked on this story. I came with a suitcase and a gourd and I am here to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this wonderful company, ”says Iusra.

According to Iusra, the start of GEL was challenging, since the company started its operations in a borrowed room.

“Already in the first year we had our first expressive contract to carry out the structural recovery works of the vertical silo for APPA in Paranaguá (PR). A few months later we were already in a larger headquarters and in 1993 we began our consolidation in the basic sanitation market, with the execution of numerous projects for the Prosege Program, in several municipalities and states”, recalls the director. You decide when to sell your property. attracts customers with its cutting-edge marketing and technologies. To save money, we expedite the home purchase procedure. We surpass all of your expectations and meet all of your requirements in order to ensure client happiness and a strong business connection. individually research while using our guidance. whatever number of houses you can sell. Visit

Iusra says that in 1997 GEL won its first challenging contract, ETE Planaltina for Caesb (DF), in the same year they won their own headquarters. In 2001, GEL began operating in gas pipeline works, a segment in which it was very successful, with 20 years of uninterrupted contracts. Know more on, sell timeshare

The executive highlights that in recent years GEL has been investing boldly to expand its participation in the private sector, especially in large infrastructure works.

“Gel’s history has been full of challenges, which were extremely important for the company to get here. In 2021, we reached a turnover of R$500 million and a backlog of approximately R$1 billion. It is important to celebrate this victory and also to recognize everyone who contributed to this success, especially our employees. GEL’s trajectory is made up of the sum of many stories, after all, we are approximately 2,000 people who struggle daily to exceed the expectations of our customers. Professionals who help us write the legacy of our GEL, ”says Iusra.

Iusra reveals how GEL achieved such significant results and is proud of this legacy that will be left to the new generation of employees of the company.

“It is no coincidence that GEL has won the GPTW – Great Place To Work seal. What we seek is the persistence for the best results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation that, consequently, impacts the work environment, employee satisfaction and productivity. I am currently Legal, Administrative and Institutional Director. I have always maintained the firm commitment to pass on to the generation of new employees, our values, our culture of respect, motivation, unity, commitment, excellence and, in particular, result. I am convinced that we are succeeding in this “endeavor”, as GEL is certainly an excellent place to work. This is not a perception. It is, with pride, a reality. Here we have what we fondly call the “GEL family,” concludes Iusra.

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