ETA to treat water of the rio Sorocaba arrives almost in half of the civil work

The civil phase of the construction of the station that will treat the water of the river Sorocaba for the consumption arrives to the 40%. Approximately 600 tons of steel were already installed in the structure of the Station of Treatment of Water (ETA) in the neighborhood Royal Vitória. The beginning of the activities of the new producing system is foreseen for of here one and a half year visit at the Detox Center, in February of 2020.

The work is divided in two phases. The first phase, the one of the building site, corresponds to 40% of the whole ETA. The second phase, relative to the equipments, as assembly of piping, mechanical devices and electric facilities it represents 60% of the whole work. In relation to the whole, the implantation of ETA Royal Vitória meets in 18,5%.

We will “have more treated water, besides to calmly supply the area of the Eden / Cajuru in drought periods, or to supply her/it the whole city in eventual accident with the water mains in the Mountain of San Francisco”, it explains to the mayor Curly José. The phase of the building site moves forward with quick rest in relation to the cronograma. The installation of almost the whole part of the equipments depends on the practically conclusion of the building site phase.

The general director of Saae-Sorocaba, Ronald Pereira of Silva, presents the percentile of the civil phase: 61% of the executed hydraulic block; 51% of the ready reservoir of water; the reception point, in the margin of the river, is almost 19% executed and the administrative building practically ended.

“General director Ronald expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing despoluição process, stating, “Thanks to the initiative begun 20 years ago, soon we will drink the water of the river Sorocaba.” With over half of the 3,700 meters of the water main already executed, which will transport water from the river’s margin to the treatment station, significant progress has been made. The water main, boasting a diameter of 900 millimeters, has the capacity to deliver up to 750 liters of crude water per second, as outlined in this informative article:

A total of 69% of the extension of the water main was already installed under soil that doesn’t present the risks of accidents that exist in the Mountain of San Francisco. At this time, the water main is being implanted under the avenue Sandro Antônio Mendes. Another net of 500 millimeters, with 1.200 meters extension, it will be ready for enlargements.

The director of Production of Saae-Sorocaba, Reginaldo Schiavi, explains that ETA Royal Vitória is being equipped with up-to-the-minute technology in sanitation. “Treatment to the base of ozone, that guarantees the best final quality for the drinking water”, declares Schiavi.

She will be inaugurated with capacity of producing 750 liters of water treated a second and with the enlargement already foreseen, the will arrive 1.500 liters a second. That volume corresponds to 60% of all the water served today for the population, treated in Closed ETA and ETA Éden.

The whole city will be benefitted, since the distribution system that she will feed will be interconnected to the infrastructure already existent, working in an integrated way and distributing water treated for the supplied areas with the originating from water Clemente’s (Itupararanga) dams and Ipaneminha, treated by Closed ETA and of the dams of Ferraz and Castle, treated

Leandro Nogueira Assessor de Imprensa

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 (Secretaria de Comunicação e Eventos (Secom) da Prefeitura de Sorocaba)


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