GEL Engenharia CEO comments on the expansion in the electricity sector in 2022

In an interview with Canal Energia magazine, GEL Engenharia CEO Nilton de Paiva Cardoso Júnior tells about the expansion plans for the company in the coming years. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

With strong performance in the area of sanitation, GEL Engenharia in the last decade has also been standing out in the electricity sector. The construction company, which has already worked in projects such as the Alto Sertão II wind complexes; Gameleiras and Assuruá, got its first contract for the construction of a 27 MW SHP in the city of Guarapuava (PR). Nilton de Paiva Cardoso Júnior, CEO of GEL, is excited about the wind sector. GEL currently has four wind farms under construction: two in Bahia and two in Piauí. “Today we are beating home the 1.6 GW of parks built or under construction from wind. We are optimistic, we have several budgets in place and we hope to succeed in some of them, ”he explains. Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Civil Construction and Mining are GEL’s other areas of activity.

The goal is to have an increase of up to 50% in total revenue in 2022, being close to R$600 million. According to the executive, entering the PCHs segment was an old desire of the company. The plant under construction is expected to go live next year. There are negotiations with five projects, located in the states of Mato Grosso and Paraná itself. “We think this is a market that can have a very promising short-term future here for the company”, he warns.

With the performance in the wind segment already consolidated, Cardoso Júnior also aims at the solar source to be the next branch of operation of the construction company in the electricity sector. According to the CEO of the construction company, there are no closed contracts yet, but wind customers who work at the source in solar have already invited the company to take prices. GEL operates in the phases of earthworks, paving, drainage, foundations, grounding and grouting.

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