GEL Engenharia wins new sanitation contract in Panama

It is with great joy that we announce the achievement of another international work: ETE Burunga and Arraiján Cabecera, in Panama. GEL will be responsible for the construction and operation of the sanitary sewage treatment system.

The construction of the ETE will be carried out in consortium with BTD Proyectos and DAM-Depuractón de Aguas del Mediterraneo. S.L., both Spanish.

We will resume the works of the sewage treatment plant in the cities of Burunga and Arraiján Cabecera, increasing the current treatment flow from 400 l/s to almost 1,000 l/s, benefiting about 450 thousand people at the end of the plan.

GEL’s scope will involve the construction of the activated sludge system with cogeneration of sludge, as well as the execution of the main pumping station in the Nuevo Chorrillo neighborhood, in addition to a modern system of pipes in PRFV (Polyester Reinforced Fiberglass).

That’s the GEL way to make it happen.

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