GEL Engineering Social Projects

Swe are always thinking about doing good and with this, Gel Engenharia has partnered with companies, schools and institutions to promote important attitudes that must be carried out by all citizens.

GEL is associated with numerous social and environmental projects in contributing to sustainable development, including health, well-being and preservation of the environment, eradication of child labor, free association, collective bargaining and non-discrimination at work, decent conditions work and social protection and human development, taking into account the expectations of the community in its surroundings. Its socio-environmental calendar is defined as clothing campaigns, blood donation, donation of food and cleaning products for nursing homes and charities, donations to poor communities or affected by public calamities, literacy program and various courses for employees and community assisted by the company, creation of a mini library with various themes for speakers in their works, donation of waste collectors to schools, educational campaigns in schools, etc.

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