Get to Know The History of GEL Engineering

Goetze Lobato Engenharia Ltda. is a company that was incorporated in 1983 and since then has been highlighting in the areas of sanitation, mining, oil refinery works, gas pipeline, port and road works, river pollution and dredging, construction, telecommunication, storm drainage , paving, embankment, residential, industrial and building buildings, as well as operations in the hydroelectric sector.

In the area of sanitation GEL has been operating in several states of the federation, having already provided water and sewage treatment services to countless companies that have run sewage networks, including collectors, emitters, interceptors, home connections, treatment of sewage and reservoirs and also water supply networks comprising: raw water mains, treated water mains, distribution networks, home connections and, also, lifting stations, water treatment plants and reservoirs.

Through the Gel Acma Formato Consortium, it executed for Sanepar / Paranasan the expansion works of the Water Supply Systems of the municipalities of Guaratuba, Matinhos, Pontal do Paraná, Morretes and Guaraqueçaba, including supervision, control and operation, whose main services were reservoirs; treatment; networks and elevators. Read more

For Renova Energia SA, GEL, also in a consortium, performed engineering and civil works services to build access bases for fifteen wind farms in the State of Bahia and was contracted by Norte Energia SA to prepare the executive projects and execution of the japanporn, services and supply of the Water Supply System and the Sanitation System of Altamira, in the State of Pará.

In the mining area, GEL was prominent in the Shale Pole in São Mateus do Sul / PR and was responsible for the excavation, loading and transport of shale, sterile, retorted and fine, as well as for the civil works of the industrial area of Petrobrás / SIX. The company also specializes in the area of assembly, construction and maintenance of gas pipelines, in addition to the execution of special works.

Due to the globalization of the economy and the opening up of Brazil to new markets, as well as the national policy of privatization implemented in recent years, GEL diversified its activities by associating with national and foreign companies in new developments in the sectors of road concessions and power generation.

Caminhos do Paraná S / A, a highway concessionaire formed by the association of GEL with national and foreign companies, savannah chrisley porn was constituted in 1997 to explore by toll of Lot No. 04 of the Highway Concession Program of the State of Paraná, for a term of 24 years.

EPP – Empresa Paranaense de Participações S.A., a member of the group, is focused on the development and investment of business in the Brazilian electric sector, being prepared to implant hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric and wind energy projects, as well as the transmission system. In 2012, EPP was split up into a new company called CER-Renewable Energy Company.

The technology for execution of micro tunnel with pilot hole, unprecedented in Brazil, was introduced by GEL in the execution of trunk collectors by non – destructive method for SABESP – Tietê Project – 2ª. Stage. The company owns this technology from the acquisition of the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) that performs guided drilling in tunnels up to 700mm in diameter, with advances of 100m in various types of soil at registrera kontantkort halebop.

Several customers have been conquered and make the history of the GEL, such as: Petrobras/S/A; Sanepar – Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná/PR; Renova Energia S.A.; Norte Energia S.A.; Caesb – Companhia de Água e Esgotos de Brasília/DF; Corsan – Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento/RS; Dmae – Depto. Municipal de Água e Esgotos/RS; Dep – Depto. de Esgotos Pluviais; SRH – Secretaria de Recursos Hídricos/CE; Sohidra – Secretaria de Recursos Hídricos/CE; DER – Departamento Estadual de Estradas de Rodagem; Compagás – Companhia Paranaense de Gás; Pbgás – Companhia Paraibana de Gás; Scgás –Companhia de Gás de Santa Catarina; Sulgás – Companhia Riograndense de Gás; Copasa – Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais; Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba/PR; Prefeitura Municipal de Votorantim/SP; Prefeitura Municipal de Piraquara/PR; Prefeitura Municipal de Fazenda Rio Grande/PR; Prefeitura Municipal de Arapongas/PR; SAAE/Porto Feliz/SP; etc.

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