Goetze Lobato Engenharia reaches the age of 30 with revenues of R$500 million.

Goetze Lobato Engenharia S.A. (GEL) is celebrating 30 years of history. From a small company focused on public sanitation works, GEL has become a large-scale construction company, with operations in major works in Brazil and abroad.

According to Nilton de Paiva Cardoso Júnior, CEO, the company has migrated over the years from its main activity, based on basic sanitation works, to new segments, such as infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, ports and industrial works.

“Since joining GEL, I have been able to participate in a series of changes, including the internationalization process of the company that started to compete for contracts in Argentina and Panama. A few years ago, our work was restricted to public works. Today, we reverse our participation, we are much more active in large private works, which shows that we have done our homework to strengthen our competitiveness, ”says Nilton.

The executive points out that the company is in the process of transformation and has experienced great growth in recent years.

“We are increasingly focusing on management and innovation. We invest in new processes and in the implementation of best governance and compliance practices. We are printing a creative and innovative management as a way to establish solid foundations for the sustainable growth of the construction company”, highlights Nilton.

The CEO of GEL explains that the challenges of growth are being overcome step by step, mainly through the strengthening of the company’s corporate culture.

“We are forming teams that are increasingly oriented towards achieving the company’s strategic objectives. We encourage our teams to be obstinate in the search for results and always perform their work with excellence. In addition, we also strive to build a pleasant and stimulating work environment. It’s no coincidence that I’ve been on GEL for 17 years. It’s very rewarding to work here. Our sense of teamwork is very strong. In the end, the sum of talents always makes a difference, ”concludes Nilton.

According to Paulo Goetze, co-founder of GEL, the construction company is currently one of the most respected in the country in the sanitation segment. In addition, it has been increasing its business on several fronts, including renewable energy.

“In 2021, we will close R$500 million in revenue and we already have a backlog of projects in the order of R$1 billion, a true historical record, the result of the effort of 2,000 employees and an incredible team of engineers that fills us with pride. Our works are spread in several states of Brazil and, also, we have demonstrated a wide capacity to act abroad through works in Argentina and Panama. I believe that we have evolved a lot throughout our trajectory, but as we are bold in everything we do, we are preparing the GEL for even higher flights, ”says Paulo.

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