Government of PR and SANEPAR deliver works that rise to 80% the sanitation in the coast of the state

Governor Cida Borghetti and the president of the Sanepar Sanitation Company (Sanepar), Ricardo Soavinski, delivered yesterday, the 4th, the largest sanitation expansion program ever implemented on the coast of Paraná. As a result of investments of R $ 252 million, the workload increases the rate of service with collection and treatment of sewage in the region to 80%, the largest indicator of coastal areas among municipalities served by state sanitation companies. Before the works the index was 52%.

There are 27,169 new connections in the sewage system in Matinhos and Pontal do Paraná, municipalities that house most of the beaches of Paraná and the most frequented. 515 kilometers of sewerage network and 29 lift stations were installed and replaced with old networks. In parallel to the project delivered, another R$ 50 million is being invested in the sewage treatment plants of Matinhos and Pontal do Paraná.

Cida said the delivery is historic. “We demonstrated that the Government of Paraná prioritizes essential public policies and that the population can and should have a quality life, with basic sanitation, which is a precondition for the human being to live in health,” said the governor.

She emphasized that the investment represents a great reinforcement to consolidate the environmental quality of the Coast of Paraná. “Our Coast today has the cleanest waters for bathing. There is more to do, but the breakthrough is undeniable, “he said.

The Coast of Paraná, recalled the president of Sanepar, Ricardo Soavinski, was a deficit in sewage systems. “It is a victory for the whole coast, since with this we also help ensure the health of our beaches. We have taken an important step, we have grown strongly and we will not stop. Sanepar works for universalization throughout the State. I am sure that the population knows the value of sanitation, especially for health. And the rulers know. Where there is sanitation, we have fewer children hospitalized. In Paraná, this is treated seriously. Sanepar is doing the best, along with the State Government, and so our cities are the first in the sanitation rankings. We have an average of 70% sewage collection, which is 100% treated, “Soavisnki said.


The works began in 2016 and are delivered a year and a half before the originally planned deadline. In Matinhos, 250 kilometers of collection network and 14 lift stations were implanted, benefiting 13,474 families.

The Collective Network Service Index increased from 51% to 83% of the population. In Pontal do Paraná, there are 265.5 kilometers of catchment network and 15 lift stations, benefiting 13,695 families. The Network Service Index increased from 25% to 73% of the population.

The mayors of Matinhos, Ruy Hauer, and Pontal do Paraná, Marcos Fioravanti, reinforced the benefits that the expansion of sanitation guarantees to residents and tourists and to the development of cities.

“This work will bring more tranquility to the merchants, vacationers and residents. Formerly, the beaches of Pontal had flags that indicated improper place for bath. This was bad for tourism. Today, we have guaranteed health, bathing and more movement in the city. Everyone is happy, “Fioravante said. He said the benefit is for the whole population and that in the season, more than 300 thousand people will benefit.

Investments in the two cities, Ruy Hauer said, has an impact on the entire coast. “This program has changed our Coastline forever, this work that few politicians like to do because it gets buried, but it’s of paramount importance to everyone,” he said.

The merchant of Pontal José Joaquim Belarmino thanked for the work “that will bring great benefit to the city.”


The President of BRDE, Orlando Pesssuti, participated in the ceremony; the state representatives Tião Medeiros, Alexandre Curi and Nelson Justus and leaders of the region.

Investment involves socio-environmental education

In addition to the works, the sanitation expansion program in the Coast of Paraná also involves a socio-environmental education work. In Matinhos, 14,567 families have already been approached domiciliares of service in real estate, for sensitization, technical guidance and surveys. Community meetings were held and training courses were offered for plumbers with the participation of 30 professionals.

In Pontal do Paraná, awareness, guidance and survey work has already reached 11,555 families. There were 12 community meetings and 30 professionals trained by the plumbers course. In both municipalities the work continues in 2019.


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