Integrated Management System

The GEL implemented its Quality System in 1998, which, over time, has Integrated Management System.
The SGI comprises meeting the normative requirements of quality, in addition to the regulatory and legal requirements applicable to the environmental, safety and occupational health, labor, tax, legal and ethical spheres.


GEL, since 1999, has maintained its quality system certified by the ISO9001 standard and for several years has been in compliance with the requirements of the SiAC standard (PBQP-H).

Quality Policy

The quality policy gives GEL is the guideline created with the objective of ensuring the quality standard of its services. It is used as a parameter in the continuous improvement of processes and as a basis for making decisions that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Such Policy says that: The GEL, based on the commitment to the continuous improvement of its SGI, aims to remain active in the engineering market, expanding its geographic performance and its scope of services, with a focus on meeting the requirements of its customers and the requirements applicable to quality, health and safety at work, the environment and ethical and social responsibility”.

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