PCH Confluence innovates by using PRFV technology in its transmission lines

To make the transmission lines of the Confluence SHP safer, GEL has implemented poles with PRFV (polyester coated with glass fiber) technology, as well as offering safety, since they do not conduct electricity, they are also extremely light, which facilitates the installation logistics, considerably reducing the implementation time of this step.

The poles were supplied by the GEL group company, Ecofibra Composites, a pioneer company in the production of composites using fiberglass, which operates on several fronts of the market, such as energy distribution, telecommunication, energy transmission, composites for industry, public and private lighting.

For the works of the Confluence SHP, Ecofibra provided 31 H structures, with a total of 62 poles (between 20 and 22 m and 60 to 2000 daN), 62 contravents of 7.2 m and 31 crossheads (with 8.4 m and 600 daN). The agility in manufacturing allowed punctual deliveries, according to the need of the project. Each pole was composed of 3 parts, which could be stored inside each other, facilitating loading and reducing costs, not requiring the use of large trailers. Up to 16 complete sets were transported per load and the execution of the work was reduced to 1/5 of the deadline.

The ease and speed of assembly gave more autonomy to the project team, which only needed the technical support of Ecofibra in the installation of the first poles.

Each tower of this project used about 2,700 pet bottles, in total, 175,000 2L pet bottles were recycled in this project alone, that is, the posts in PRFV in addition to offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio, are also eco-sustainable.

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