Sorocaba celebrates anniversary with the inauguration of ETA Vitória Régia

The city of Sorocaba completes another year and, in this new cycle, SAAE inaugurates ETA Vitória Régia, a work carried out by Goetze Lobato Engenharia S.A. that will bring numerous benefits to the residents of the municipality.

The ETA system is composed of Catchment, Lifting Station and Raw Water Pipeline units in cast iron with a diameter of 900mm and extension of 3,700m, in addition to the entire Hydraulic Process Block for water treatment.

The water treatment process is one of the most modern in operation and incorporates the system of intermediate oxidation by ozone and biological filtration. The ozone system in water treatment plants of this size in Brazil is new and gives the municipality of Sorocaba, SAAE and GEL an unequivocal demonstration of commitment to technological innovation and the quality of the final product, drinking water.

The pioneering of this enterprise in the use of ozone will ensure that treated water is free of contaminants and pathogens, as ozone is today the most powerful oxidant available on the market.

It should be noted that other resources were incorporated into the project and, among them, we can highlight the Supervisory System for Automation and Control, which will allow the operation of the entire system in “remote” mode. It is worth saying that once parameterized the system will work automatically, remote or manual, which undoubtedly adds more reliability to the process, allowing interventions and corrections in the treatment via computers.

Project Technical Sheet: Implementation of the Vitória Régia Treated Water Producer System
Contracting Party: Autonomous Water and Sewage System of Sorocaba/SP
Contractor: Goetze Lobato Engenharia S.A.
ETA treatment capacity: 750 l/s
Concrete Volume: 7,655.58 m³
Urbanized Area: 18,200 m²
Paved Area: 1,103.92 m²

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