Strategic Identity

New Organizational Model

GEL, seeking its guarantee of self-sustained growth, readjusted its organizational model as a preventive and protective measure of the continuity of its success and preserving its essence, its values and its business competence, established its Strategic Identity (set of mission, vision and values).

GEL‘s Strategic Identity provides behavioral references to all its employees and professionals who relate to the company, clarifying the limits within which its business performance must be based.

GEL, by its members, is committed to acting within the limits of this Strategic Identity, namely:

Stubbornness in Improving Financial Results (economic-financial results optimized as a consequence of the determination shown in improving business efficiency).

Compliance with the Commitments Assumed (Consolidated image of a reliable company, which fulfills its obligations to employees, customers, other business partners and to the Society).

– Valuing People and the Work Environment (Human Heritage of GEL, perceiving itself as respected and considered, in a healthy work environment that favors better productivity).

– Focus on Improving Consistent, Technically and Economically Constructive Methods (GEL technologically updated, with customers served and satisfied with the technical and commercial standards guaranteed by the company).

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