The GEL adopts and respects the firm commitment to use natural resources and goods without compromising the availability of these elements for future generations.

The ecological practices applied by GEL in their activities they aim to integrate the economy, society and the environment, in order to meet the current needs of the company in line with society.



The GEL respects and complies with the provisions of environmental legislation and seeks to contribute to ecologically sustainable development. The importance of nature preservation: this is an unbreakable commitment by GEL.

Preserving the environment is fundamental to maintaining the health of the planet and all its living beings. To celebrate its effort to protect natural resources, the GEL adopts and disseminates rules of conduct that seek to raise the awareness of its employees and other professionals who are connected to the company and, also, to the surrounding communities.

It is the responsibility of all GEL members knowledge and application in their actions, care for the Environment.
Our planet thanks!

Social Responsibility

The GEL eeks to implement social actions that result in the construction of a better society, taking into account the entire community. The company adopts actions related to sustainability, whether aimed at preserving the environment and social responsibility, aiming for a better world for all.

 Social Responsibility
Sustainability Campaigns

Sustainability Campaigns

The GEL provides continuous lectures and awareness campaigns, disseminating and stimulating the practice of sustainability, such as:

  • To decrease the consumption of disposables

    Everything that is disposable makes the environment a dump. Become aware!

  • To separate the trash

    Waste recycling is fundamental for the conservation of the environment, for public health and for the country economy.

  • Zero Waste

    Reduce waste generation. SUPPORT THIS CAUSE!

  • Save electricity

    Use natural light. The planet is thankful for that!

  • Save Water

    Promote the sustainability of our planet to ensure the supply of future generations.

  • Reduce paper usage

    It is important to keep the environment healthy!

Employee Health Campaigns

The GEL adopts measures aimed at to prevent occupational diseases and provide better quality in life to its employees.

  • Safety at work

    The GEL promotes the protection of its collaborators avoid accidents at work and provide an occupational environment safe.

  • Do labor gymnastics

    It prevents repetitive strain injuries and some occupational diseases

  • Eat well

    Healthy eating avoids cardiovascular complications and combats unbalanced weight gain

  • Do not smoke

    Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals and many have been shown to cause cancer

  • Drink water

    All the cells in our body need of water. She is essential for the functioning of the body

  • Move yourself

    Adopt the habit of practice physical activities.

  • Smile

    Laughter decreases stress, promotes welfare and strengthens social relations

  • Sleep well

    The goodness of sleep has a direct influence on the results of functions performed throughout the day.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages

    Excess can cause accidents, trauma, violence, suicide and many diseases.

  • Depression is disease

    Seek help: It produces deep sadness, feelings of pain, bitterness, disenchantment, hopelessness and low self-esteem.

  • Do not treat yourself

    If you experience any strange symptoms, see a doctor.

  • Report it

    Discrimination is a crime!

 Employee Health Campaigns
Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

GEL gives continuous awareness lectures, seeking to disseminate social campaigns, aiming to achieve the greatest good: care for the lives of everyone, employees and society.

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